This DAC is a product of ideas born from the community. I give credit to those in the DIY community I have
learned from and incorporated their ideas. Mainly Peter Daniel and John of and other local DIY audio friends.

The USB1543 DAC you see below is where most of my efforts have been focused. In 2005 I designed version 1.0
of the circuit board using a program called Eagle. 5 prototype boards were made (v1.0), a few adjustments were made (v1.1) and 50 boards were made.

Since then here are a few tweaks:
  • Reclock BCK signal from the PCM2707 chip before sending to TDA1543. Reclocker operation explained
  • use Sonicap 3uf 200v Gen I coupling cap for C26 and C27
  • use large power transformers, Hammond 185F28 and 185F16
  • break electrical connection between computer and DAC. diy kit
  • use JPlay with your favourite music player, which for me is Foobar2000
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Xeon 3.2 GHz tower with 32 GB RAM and High Quality PS (forget which one at the moment). Note Laptops and netbooks in general don't sound good, most likely because of power supply and motherboard design.
  • not all USB cables sound the same. Try a few inexpensive ones to see which you like best, stay away from ones with the filters on both ends, keep the length short as possible
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This audio system is a minimalist design which helps to keep the cost down, makes it easier to build, easier to understand the
electronics, and provides less chances to get it wrong. Sometimes less is more.