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Kit Parts List:

1 Circuit Board, 2oz Copper, Flash Gold plated on all copper traces, can be broken down on score lines into 4 boards
2 IEC Power Receptacles
2 Triad Power Transformers
16 MSR860 or MUR860 Rectifier Diodes
4 Panasonic Line Filters
5 Panasonic FC 1500uf 50V Capacitors
2 Panasonic 10uf 50V Capacitors
2 Nichicon PW 1000uf 50V Capacitors
1 Black Gate NX 1000uf 25V Capacitor
5 Black Gate N 47uf 50V Capacitors
2 Black Gate N 4.7uf 50V Capacitors
1 Oscon SG 4.7uf 25V Capacitors
1 WIMA MPK10 .01uf Capacitor
1 Philips TDA1543 DAC IC
1 Texas Instruments PCM2706 USB DAC IC
1 Crystek Crystal 12.000 Mhz Oscillator Clock (very low jitter)
1 Panasonic AN8008 Voltage Regulator
2 Panasonic A78L18 Voltage Regulators
2 Panasonic A79L18 Voltage Regulators
2 ST MicroElectronics 3.3 Voltage Regulators
1 50K Log Dual Gang Pot
2 Chasiss Mount RCA connectors
1 USB-B PC Mount connector
2 Riken 2K7 1/4 Watt Resistors
1 Riken 1K5 1/4 Watt Resistor
4 Dale 20R Metal Film Resistors
2 Dale 22R Metal Film Resistors
2 1k5 Carbon Resistors
1 1M Carbon Resistors
2 Inductor Beads
1 8 Pin Machined Socket
1 Foot of Desoldering Wick
1 6" x 8" A Finished Wood Base (stained and drilled for standoff placement)
16 13mm/.5 inch Nylon Standoffs
16 #6 1" Wood Screws
4 18mm x 4mm Clear Rubber Feet